Discover why Fairmont Estate Sangotedo, Lekki, is Almost Sold Out in Less Than A Month.

Ever since the opening of The Fairmont Estate phase 1&2, investors have been trooping in getting as many plot as they can. This short piece of information provided in this material is targeted at helping investors, especially those looking for a budget friendly property in a good environment to buy.

We have highlighted a few reasons why we feel The Fairmont Estate is an irresistible piece to smart investors as displayed in the rate of purchase since its opening:

  1. Is directly on a tarred road.
  2. Is easy to locate/access.
  3. Is closer to developments
  4. Is behind the biggest Shoprite in Lagos
  5. Many other classy estates are around it.
  6. It has one of the most comfortable and flexible payments plan, which allows you to spread your payment up to 60months (5years).
  7. Outright payment also attracts N2m discount. And can be spread within 0 – 3months.
  8. The developers (Propertymart), that owns it has done many distinguish projects that residents are already living inside their estates.
  9. The developers has delivered over 6000 housing projects and lands.
  10. Because of the facilities in their estates which the developers also intends to put in The Fairmont Estate.
  11. Infrastructure/Development fee can be spread up to 24months or more (if negotiated).
  12. Is going to appreciate very well because of the location and infrastructures. Meaning is also very good for investment purposes.
  13. Clients believe if the developers have done it many times before, they will do it again with The Fairmont Estate.
  14. And it is very affordable compare to the prices of estates in this neighborhood.

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The Fairmont estate and neighborhood

We have expose some secrets that many smart investors discover in The Fairmont Estate Scheme 2. If this looks like what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to join the league of smart investors to grab yours now.

Remember, the land you see today and walk away, is what someone saw yesterday and is buying today. Take Action!

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