Land Banking: Buy and Sell Land Promo Earn 25% ROI GUARANTEED In Six Months

Land Banking Buy and Sell Exclusive 1 Month Offer on Prime Gardens Arepo


Good news to all property investors, we have designed a special package that suits exactly your need. This time it is the land banking buy & sell offer target at making you a high return on your investment within the shortest possible time. For clients interested in this offer, you will be getting one of our fastest selling estate Prime Gardens Arepo, at a discounted price, so you can be able to sell later with a good profit margin. We have even decided to take this further by selling the land for you within a maximum time frame of six months, and you earn back your initial deposit with as much as N937,500 to N11,250,000 in profit. This deal is exclusively for Buy and Sell customers.

However, you can choose to keep the land if you wish. For Buy to Keep, see the regular sales offer.


September 01- September 30, 2018.

Category 1

For 300sqm: Buy at N3,750,000 per plot and Sell at N4,687,500 per plot = N937,500 (Profit)

Category 2

For 500sqm: Buy at N7,500,000 per plot and sell at N9,375,000 per plot= N1,875,000 (Profit)

Category 3

For 1 acre: Buy at N45,000,000 per acre and sell at N56,250,000 per plot= N11,250,000 (Profit)

If you buy now at N7.5m only, within six months time, we will sell it for you and pay you N9.375m only.

SIX MONTHS MAX from the date of purchase…GUARANTEED!

You can also decide to keep the Land if you wish. For Buy to Keep, see the Regular Sales Offer.

Here is an opportunity for you and all your friends and families to start trading Real Estate.

N1,875,000, N937,500 or N11,25o,000 profit in just 6 months GUARANTEED Grandezza Properties shocked Land   Can you beat that?

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