Land Banking: Buy & Sell Land and earn N11.25m ROI Guaranteed

Exclusive Land Banking Offer on Prime Gardens Arepo


For one month only, Prime Gardens Arepo is on offer at N7.5m only for Buy to Sell Customers. They get to buy at a cheaper rate, for high return on investment.

Buy at N7.5m only per plot

Sell at N9.375m only per plot

If you buy now at N7.5m only, within six months time, we will sell it for you and pay you N9.375m only.


Buy at N3,750,000 and we pay you N4,687,500


Buy 1 acre at N45,000,000 and we pay you N56,250,000

SIX MONTHS MAX from the date of purchase…GUARANTEED!

You can also decide to keep the Land if you wish. For Buy to Keep, see the Regular Sales Offer.

Here is an opportunity for all your and all your friends and families to start trading Real Estate.

MAKE N11,250,000 OR N1,875,000 OR N937,500 profit in just 6 months GUARANTEED
Can you beat that?

Spread the Word.

For further enquiries call 08138092003, 08155346105.

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