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Before you Purchase that Lagos Property

This article is the first of a series on the steps to be taken before you acquire a property in Lagos. From the legal frame work to the land acquisition procedures till you put paid to your real estate investment. The basic legal framework for the acquisition of land in Nigeria is the Land Use Read more about Before you Purchase that Lagos Property[…]

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4-Bedroom Terrace Duplex with CofO @ N18.975M (All rooms ensuite with an attached BQ)

4-Bedroom Terrace Duplex with C of O @ N18.975M (All rooms ensuite with an attached BQ) Location: Oribanwa, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos. Title: Certificate of Occupancy ( C of O ) Wealthland Green Estate introduces a whole new world of luxury living where Luxury Homes are provided at Extremely Affordable Prices. Details: Living Room 2 Bedroom Read more about 4-Bedroom Terrace Duplex with CofO @ N18.975M (All rooms ensuite with an attached BQ)[…]

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