Discover The Truth About Lekki Free Zone Before Investing

Ibeju Lekki, the host of Lekki Free Zone (LFZ), is now the leading Real Estate Investment destination not just in Nigeria, but in the whole of West Africa. It has also been described by investment experts as the Dubai of Africa. This article will expose why this location is a good choice for all investors looking for a promising areas to invest.

About Lekki Free Zone (LFZ)

LFZ is located on the tip of Lekki Peninsula to the southeast of Lagos State. It borders Lekki Lagoon in the north and faces the Atlantic in the south with a beautiful coastline of about 5 km stretch. As one of the fastest growing areas in Nigeria in recent years, Lekki area will soon be turned into a modern satellite township of Lagos metropolis and the economic hub of the State.

LFZ master plan

Investment Advantages

Regional Characteristics: LFZ is about 50km from Lagos city center, 70km from the international airport, only 10km from the new Lekki international airport, 50km from Apapa – the West Africa’s largest harbor in Lagos, 55km from Lagos railway station. The planned Lekki new harbor is located right inside the Zone. LFZ will be linked by roads and railway with almost all commercial states of Nigeria and the neighboring countries.

Market Potential and Prospect

Domestic Market: Over the previous years, Nigeria has been experiencing serious lack of commodities and products especially the daily consumables due to its weak industrial capacity and imbalanced economic structure. As a result, more than 905 of products have to be imported from overseas. Moreover, LFZ can not only target the local market of Nigeria with the population of 150 million but also have the easy access to the neighboring countries in West and Central Africa with a total population of about 500 million. Therefore, the domestic market of Nigeria is of huge potential and sustainable development prospect.

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Lekki Free Trade Zone

African and European and American markets Africa: The market condition of most African countries is quite similar to that of Nigeria, and the recent years have witnessed a rapidly growing demand for electrical and mechanical equipment, light industrial products and consumer goods. In particular, the African consumers are generally fond of the Chinese products at reasonable prices with considerable durability.
Europe and America markets: Traditionally, there has been a close trade relationship between Nigeria and many developed countries including the United States, UK, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. The exportation of Nigeria’s textile products to European and American markets is free from quota restriction and granted favorable customs tariffs. In addition to such favors and incentives, the unique geographic location of LFZ is not only to provide a short-cut shipping route for exports to European and American markets, but also have the easy access to almost all markets and countries in the world.

Other advantages includes,
Full Support from Both Chinese and Nigerian Government
Progress of infrastructure Facilities in the Zone
Service Advantages From a Central Service Center
Safety and Security
Potentials of High Return on Investment
Shareholders’ team advantages.

We have carefully selected top Real Estate opportunities within this neighborhood where you can invest and be sure of a very high percentage return on your investment in a few years time. These opportunities stretches from both the commercial to residential areas, and comes with a very friendly budget. Check other posts on this website to see our basket of options of Lekki properties that you can select from.

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